Water Testing

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Water Testing Program

Surfrider Marin’s water testing program is up and running. Our testing team at the Branson School (biology teacher Kathy Soave and testers Rebecca Glazer and Jane Swart) have completed eight weeks of water quality tests for Stinson Beach, Bolinas and Bay Front Park with 12/07/11 being the most recent. The good news is all tests have shown low bacteria at all three sites. Click on the link below to view the test results.

Surfrider Marin would like to place additional testing equipment at other schools. We require a faculty member to supervise the tests and to watch over the equipment. If your school is interested, please contact us.

Blue Water Task Force – Marin County 

Water quality of the Pickleweed Inlet and Richardson Bay

March 7, 2014

Surfrider Foundation’s Blue Water Task Force program has partnered with the Branson School to systematically test the water quality of popular recreation areas of Marin County, including Bayfront Park. We test for enterococcus, a bacteria that grows in fecal matter.
From October 2010 through March 6, 2014, we have conducted 51 tests for enterococcus. Tests results are as listed below.   Number of tests with –
High bacteria
Medium bacteria
Low bacteria
Per our results, 39% of the time the water at Pickleweed Inlet is unsafe.