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Our History

Protecting Marin Country's oceans and beaches since 1998.

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Surfrider Marin was founded in 1998 by Scott Tye and Bill Guthrie.

“My first memory of Surfrider was while I was attending a National semi-annual Conference of United States Lifesaving Association(USLA) in La Jolla cove in San Diego in 1979.I was representing the NorCal region of USLA. One of the educational presenter’s were two leaders from the Malibu/LA chapter of Surfrider presenting a slideshow of water pollution and Surfrider SD.

I joined right after that meeting in 1980 and was assigned the San Francisco chapter(there was only SF chapter in NorCal) and continued as a member until 1998 when a group of members began to organize for a chapter for Marin. In early 2000, we met in to organize and select officers-Bill Guthrie and I became Chair/Vice chair positions for the next five years. After Bill retired and moved on, I became chairperson and Loren Moore selected as Secretary and Treasurer and we continued that arrangement for over 16 years(on-and-off).

Since the 80’s, our chapter remained a smaller membership/activities group until we staked-out several areas to engage.

Marin County Chapter Accomplishments

Started Blue Water Taskforce water testing with the County of Marin and High School testing, starting in 2001 and working with several school and County of Marin

Initiated Beach Clean-ups and coastal pollution campaigns in 2000 and contacted school, youth groups, and various local companies to participate

In 2012, after engaging with interested youth ,started the SURFWORKS summer camp for disadvantaged youth in Marin

After receiving positive press on our activities, our chapter began to receive funding contributions that have given us financial freedom to explore other projects (various Surfing Art Shows; plastic pollution workshops; annual Surfer Art Tide calendar).

I am ‘most’ proud of our engagement in our Youth Outreach/Programs that have turned the Marin County Chapter SF into a young persons driven organization. We have had as many as five high schools (both private & public) active with all of our programs and leadership—including attendance at West Coast/California/National Surfrider conferences, and attending the Washington DC to lobbying Congress in 2020.”

Scott Tye
Co-Founder, Surfrider Foundation,  Marin County Chapter