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Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash


Surfrider Marin Chapter's June Meeting Minutes

Surfrider Marin's Monthly Meeting was held at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, June 12, at Pig in a Pickle Restaurant in Corte Madera.

Present: Scott Tye (vice-chair), Brian Whitlow (treasurer), Katy Macek (media coordinator), Ginger Mhaling and Melanie Barnes

  1. Katy received email from Addictive Coffee owner asking about partnering on cleanups and interest in the club in general (schedule doesn’t work). 
  2. Water testing information
    1. High schools do our water testing – so we don’t do our testing in the summer.
      1. Tam 
      2. Branson
    2. Other agencies test in summer (April-October) 
  3. Member survey 
    1. Brian wants to create a survey to send to membership via newsletters, social media, to understand how to better engage our members.
    2. The group brainstormed questions and ideas.
    3. Katy will draft and send to EC team to approve.
  4. Upcoming events/cleanups 
    1. No summer cleanups organized, but the group discussed planning one for July and/or August.
      1. Potential date (not approved): 9 a.m. July 7 at Bolinas Beach
    2. Saturday, Sept. 21, is Coastal Cleanup Day
    3. The group discussed taking advantage of national/international holidays (in future)
      1. International Surfing Day – June 15
      2. World Oceans Day - June 8 
      3. World Water Day – March 22 
  5. Movie night updates (Scott) 
    1. Summer Olympic viewing/member social for surfing events in the works.
    2. "Wade in the Water" screening is not going to happen (miscommunication with headquarters). 
      1. Potential to screen after June 19 on Amazon Prime 
    3. Scott said he would like to work on movies over the summer, into the fall. 
    4. He has DVDs we can show or can show on demand from Surfrider. Just waiting to hear back from a venue. But can’t show commercially, have to show for free at a place like Sports Basement 
    5. Other movie options discussed: "Step Into Liquid" and "We are All Plastic Now" documentary
  6. Newsletter/blog writing updates (Katy)
    1. Plans to post at least monthly. 
    2. Next posts: June minutes and SurfWorks feature at end of June.
  7. Other ideas: After elections, Ginger said she would like to work on an engaging and educational campaign raising awareness of the pervasiveness of plastic.