Present: Jesse Wernick, chapter Chair. Heidi Weiskel, chapter Treasurer. Lili, Tam HS. Rosemary, Tam HS. Ariana, Archie Williams HS. Sofia, Marin Academy HS. Mark Koop, Sofia’s Dad.

Blue Water Task Force:

Sofia at MA has been sampling for 4 years, but lost their Advisor over Covid. Has a new login to the Surfrider National website via Michelle Pena-Ortiz and will be entering data soon from 101 Surf Sports dock and McNears Beach Park.

McNears tends to be clean, 101 Sports is dirty, possibly via houseboats that do not dispose of waste properly, possibly not…

Sofia is trying to get Liz Gotlieb to be the new MA Surfrider Club Advisor this is her Senior Project.  Sofia would like to do website and BWTF work with Jesse and Michelle Pena-Ortiz from Surfrider National

Expect one more BWTF sample/results in 2021.

Also expecting to change over to 50mL glass bottles. May be buying bottles from the Miami Chapter.

Update BWTF SFMarin webpage and add a LOT of MA WQ data!??!?!

Lili and Rosemary Tam HS: Ms. Tucker is the Club Advisor

Bayfront water quality has been very poor. There is some signage, how  do we elevate signage? 

QR coded signage with Surfrider Marin logo?

Bolinas Beach, and Muir Beach Lagoon are being tested as well, one time a month

Weekly: Bayfront Park, 3 wells, Strawberry docks.

Strawberry docks has been good, 

Wants to start using glass bottles and an Autoclave as well.

Lab moving back to Tam?: A lot of Tam freshman are taking staples and bringing to Lili’s house at a time that works for them. If teh BWTF testing equipment is at the high school can, the students can not get samples in time.

Equipment will stay at Lili’s house for now.

TAM HS Wants to do a beach cleanup, but Tam HS says no for now. Lili will talk to the admin and see if they can do one, otherwise they will do personal ones and maybe join an MA cleanup.

Tam wants to restart the Ocean Friendly Restaurants program and register new restaurants. Compiling a list of possible new OFR’s

Print up some packets to leave with restaurants?

Lili has been uploading WaterQuality data to the Surfrider WQ website.

Rosemary: Club Public Outreach to middle and Elementary schools? How do we do that? Rosemary will look into it.

Lili applied for the Earth Eco Water Challenge from, so may get more / different ways to test water quality.

Tam HS would like to do a combined beach cleanup with Big Dog Surf Camp.

Archie Williams HS: Arian says Michael Rawlings is Archie Williams HS club advisor and the SEA-Disc teacher.

AW has a lot of club members 11-15 are coming to meetings.

Club members want to do projects. Wants to work on the Cafeteria become an “OFR”

Also want to work on OFRs.

Will be implementing TerraCyle bins at AWHS, the company recycles the “non-recyclable” items, will probably go in Advisors classroom.

Some students are doing personal beach cleanups.

Heidi: How do we elevate the HS BWTF people and get the data to scientists and affect change?!!

2022 Tide Calendar will be here on Dec 21st! Will get 10 per club and to surf shops.

Jesse will check for all proper email addresses to be in constant contact.