Marin County Chapter

Beach Clean-ups

Our local beach clean-ups are almost always on Saturdays or Sundays, every 5-6 weeks. An announcement is made about 10 days before the date via e-letter to our membership and posted at this site.

We have held clean-ups on all the beaches from Cronkite to Bolinas, with Bolinas and Stinson being the most frequently used sites.

Any company or business can schedule a clean-up anytime Monday-Friday or weekends, and where possible, chapter volunteers may be available to coordinate. We always suggest that you try to make it to our planned clean-ups.

Did You Know?
40 percent of all debris items picked up during California Coastal Cleanup Days are cigarette butts. In 2008, volunteers picked up over 340,000 of them in only three hours. 2008 was the 24th straight year in which cigarette butts were the most numerous debris item picked up.

It’s a little known fact that the biggest pollutant to hit the oceans isn’t those plastic bags from your local supermarket, or oil from the Exxon Valdez or brown trout from your local sewer, it’s CIGARETTE BUTTS. If you’re a surfer who smokes, well, you should quit. But if you’re in town, and you see someone toss a cigarette our their car window, give ‘em hell. Those butts get washed into the sewage, and out into the ocean.

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, Stinson Beach rates among the best beaches in the United States for water quality.